Is there an industry standard for greenhouse plant supplemental lighting? How to avoid traps when buying?


Supplemental Plant grow light is an important component of greenhouse lighting environment regulation. With the gradual promotion of China domestic greenhouse plant supplement light applications, it is increasingly used in the cultivation of flowers, fruits, melons, and strawberries in autumn and winter. However, compared with some European and American countries, lack of quality evaluation standards for greenhouse plant supplementary lighting in domestic, coupled with the wide variety and uneven quality of supplemental lights on the market, has led to blind purchases, poor supplementary lighting effects, and energy waste. As a result, the market for plant supplementary lights is chaotic, and the healthy development of the industry is hindered.

Key progress has been made in domestic greenhouse plants supplementing light. ザ・"Technical Specification for Quality Evaluation of Greenhouse Plant Supplementary Lights" (hereinafter referred to as the "Specifications") formulated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs was finally released and implemented recently after two years of compilation. This means that the domestic greenhouse plant supplement light market has officially clarified the industry entry threshold.


1.Clear standards have been made on 電力、PPF、PPE


First of all, the specification stipulates that the error between the initial power value and the rated power value should not exceed ±10%, which will effectively avoid the phenomenon of industry false standard parameters; the power factor ≥0.90 is required to reduce the impact on the power grid when the facility agriculture uses high power .

第二に、この仕様は、光合成光子束(PPFと呼ばれ、280nm〜800nmの光子束の波長で植物の光合成に使用できる)、光子束効率(PPEと呼ばれる、数などの光学特性)も規定しています。しきい値のパフォーマンス要件を入力するには、単位時間あたりに放出されるフォトンの数)が必要です。高圧ナトリウムランプおよびLEDランプの初期PPF値は公称値の90%以上である必要があり、高圧ナトリウムランプのPPEは1.0μmol/(s•)以上である必要があります。 W)、LEDライトのPPEは1.5μmol/(s•W)以上です。


2.ザ・identity information of light工場を出る前に標準化する必要があります

In addition, the specification also requires that the lamps should be marked with at least the source mark, rated voltage, rated power, IP digital mark, product model and other identification information of the lamp. ザ・purpose is to regulate the product management so that users can better understand product information and purchase. At the same time, it is more important to provide CCC, ETL, UL and other certification certificates to ensure product safety.

ザ・release of the "Technical Specification for Quality Evaluation of Greenhouse Plant Supplementary Lights" will set an entry threshold for the greenhouse plant supplementary light market and guide the healthy development of the two major industries of plant supplementary light and facility gardening.

ザ・製品 of ライトオンテクノロジー are now better than the industry standard

As a global photo biological system technology provider and a practitioner of overall solutions for plant factories, ライトオンテクノロジー continues to explore the field of greenhouse light supplementation, and all aspects of its product performance are now fully superior to industry standards.

ザ・PPE of ライトオンテクノロジー LED grow light is higher than 2.4 μmol/(s•W). Among them, the MODEL S and Model F series are mainly used in indoor farms or vertical rack farming. ザ・PPE can be as high as 3.0 μmol/(s•W) and large ザ・power factor is ≥0.95, which is also significantly higher than the standard.

In terms of light protection and lifetime, the specification requires that the lamp housing should be dustproof and waterproof. ザ・ライトオンテクノロジー greenhouse supplemental light 製品 meet or exceed the IP65 rating, which can effectively cope with the high temperature and humidity environment in the greenhouse. According to actual measurement, the maintenance rate of the photon flux of ライトオンテクノロジー lamps and lanterns at 36000h is ≥90%, the light decay rate is slower and the service life is longer.

ライトオンテクノロジー has successively developed the foldable Model F series and the Spider Model S series in the application of greenhouse light supplementation, which are suitable for indoor farms and vertical planting racks. At the same time, light on technology also provides multi-combination plant growth light 製品 such as the Model L supplement light series, widely used in outdoor greenhouses, MODEL P for indoor personal grow. ライトオンテクノロジー is able to provide more comprehensive lighting solutions for full-cycle farms, greenhouse growers and scientific researchers. Welcome you to send inquiries.