LED grow lights are relatively new to the cannabis growing scene, but they have become wildly popular over the last few years with their ability to produce great yields while staying cool and using a reasonable amount of electricity.

The final yield depends a lot on strain and grow skill, as well as the quality of the lamp itself, but that’s a good rule of thumb for most models. For example, a 200W LED (200W true power draw, not an “equivalent” wattage) would yield about 100-200 grams on average, or 3.5 to 7 ounces or even higher

Today’s LED models are much better for growing cannabis than the ones available even a few years ago. Many modern lamps are full spectrum or “wideband” spectrum (instead of only red and blue light diodes, which product a bluish purple light and are sometimes called “blurples”). Full spectrum light is easier on the eyes and adding at least some amount of green light to blurples typically results in healthier growth. Other spectrum colors like red, far red, and infrared are important for the budding flowering stage. LED manufacturers have developed specialized lenses to point light directly to the plants and increase penetration, resulting in bigger yields for the same amount of light compared to older models. There are also many different form factors, with everything from the casing to the size of the diodes varying from model to model.

Foldable LED



The “spider style” LEDs are set on the “arms” like a spider as opposed to a solid board. One very popular example is the SPYDR line of LED lights from Orsam. But these typically have an extremely high price. The スパイダーLED grow light that Light On Technology Company provide has relatively low cost and the growers get better results and yield than any other type of LED grow light.

Quantum Board

「QuantumBoardLED grow light」という名前は、Horticulture Lighting Groupに由来しますが、現在、このスタイルのLEDにこの用語が使用されることもあります。それらは、ボード上の広い領域に分散している比較的低いワット数のダイオードを持っている傾向があります。これらは最近人気が高まっており、使用されるワット数に対して特に良い結果をもたらすようです。そして、それは自家栽培者にとって良い選択です。