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We can supply 200W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants for home growers. It is a kind of quantum board LED grow light with reflector inside. It can promote blooming, fruiting and increase yield with its high PPFD for flowers and plants. For information or inquiry, pls contact us.


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屋内植物用の200WLEDグローライトも折り畳み式のデザインで、輸送コストを節約できます。 2.65 µmol / Jという高い効果があり、家庭や垂直栽培に最適です。 Meanwellドライバーと高品質のフルスペクトルLEDにより、最高品質の製品が保証されます。詳細については、メールまたは直接お電話でお問い合わせください。

2. Product Parameter (Specification) of the 200W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants

Product name: 200W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants 配光: 120°
モデル番号。: ライオン-GL200W-EP1-01 熱管理: Passive
ランプサイズ: 最大周りの派遣社員。: 45°C
光源: LED 関数: 0-10V Knob dimming
LEDの数量: 取り付け高さ: >15cm above canopy
LEDブランド: エピスター Housing color: ブラック
スペクトラム: フルスペクトル Material: アルミニウム
AC入力電源: 200W max  @277V
90-305VAC 50-60HZ
IP定格: IP65
アンペア数: 0.72 @277V 一生: >5000 hours
LEDドライバーブランド: 1* 100W meanwell N. W.: 3.5kg
Power factor: > 0.9 Certification: CE、RoHS
PPFの有効性: 2.65 µmol / J Warranty: 3 years
PPF: 530 µmol / s パッキングサイズ:
Coverage: 2.5x3フィート Application: Home grow

3. Product Feature, Details And Application of the 200W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants

The 200W LED grow light for indoor plants is scientifical and more efficient, perfect for vege and bloom stage, higher intensity in a Light On Technology grow tent.



4. Product Qualification of the 200W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants




(2) Well-trained and experienced staffs will always be here answering your inquiries in fluent English.


(4) Distributorship and Exclusives is offered for your unique design and some of our current models.

(5) We can sign NDA and protect your information.

(6) A few stocks will be kept in America and Canada for your faster local delivery.



Our 200W LED Grow Light for Indoors Plants is well packaged with heavy duty materials so that it will not be worn or broken during transportation. For small or sample orders, we suggest Express Service by UPS, FedEx or DHL; For bulky orders, sea freight is more preferred.


1. What is the warranty for the lights?



We are factory directly specialized in LED Lighting. We offer reliable quality, competitive price and short lead time for our clients.




We have strict QC process and all the lights will be 100% 24-48 hours testing before shipping.

5. What is your payment terms?

30% as deposit for production, the remaining payment will be paid before delivery.

6. What is your payment way?

T / T、PayPal、ウエスタンユニオンをお勧めします。注文数量に応じて、現金、L / C、D / Pまたはその他の支払い方法もご利用いただけます。


By express(DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT, EMS, etc.), air, sea.

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